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Battle Plan

What we spray

Our licensed and trained applicators use EPA-registered mosquito spray to target and kill mosquitoes immediately and form a barrier that keeps them from coming back. 30 minutes after spraying, the treatment is dry and your yard or property is up to 95% mosquito-free.  You don't have to wait long before you go back to enjoying your yard!

Where we spray

The most common “hot spots” for hunting mosquitoes during the day include under the leaves of dense bushes and shrubs, underneath decks, and in damp shaded areas of the property. 

Our applicators will also find and neutralize any larvae and inform you if they find any standing water—the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs—on your property.

When we spray

Regular treatments every 21 days keep this barrier intact, and every treatment is backed by our Customer-Satisfaction Promise. If you have any qualms about your service or see any of those little devils during the 21 days after a spray, we will come back and retreat your property, free of charge.  Our spray is pretty darn effective, though, so we don't have to go back often!