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Special Intro Pricing

$75   1/2 acre or less  |  normally $95

$95  1/2 acre to 1 acre |  normally $120

$150    1-2 acre |  normally $185

single treatment for first-time residential clients

Our Pricing

Putting your fight against mosquitos in the hands of pros may sound expensive, but our service is priced for even a modest budget.  

Taking back your yard doesn’t have to be a luxury—our treatments are effective, environmentally-friendly, and 100% guaranteed.


We all like discounts.  Especially really good ones.

We offer a 30% discount if you BLOW AWAY your mosquitos for the entire season (7 total treatments, every 3 weeks).

TripleSpray purchase any 3 applications and receive 20% discount.  Can be used at any time during the season.

Refer-a-Friend Program

If you refer a friend or neighbor who books a treatment, you receive 20% off your next treatment.