Who is J.A.K.?


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Meet Jake Krantz

Your lead mosquito-warrior is Jake Krantz.

Jake has been part of the Landscape Horticulture business for 13 plus years. Growing up around the landscaping business he has developed a drive and vision for his future in the outdoor services industry.  After graduating high school, Jake attended The Ohio State University with a major in Landscape Horticulture.  He then returned to Buffalo to start a family and pursue his dreams.

Some of Jake's work experience includes Residential and Commercial: Landscape Design--graphic and free hand, installations, maintenance, assessments, Hardscaping, and Bark blowing. 

Jake has been a Licensed New York Sate Pesticide Applicator for over 5 years now. Federal law entails that any individual who applies or administers the use of RUP's or 'Restricted Use Pesticides' to be certified according to the EPA regulations. His applications techniques are extremely intricate and are done thoroughly and effectively.